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" Mari Rouvala is an exceptional actor and performer. Her ability to take feedback from her work and her mesmerizing stage presence make her one of the easiest actors for a director to work with.

I have worked with Mari in 2021-2022 as she was performing the leading
female role, Aliide, Sofi Oksanen ́s play The Purge staged in Huoneteatteri, Jyväskylä. Mari is masterful in expressing so lightly both joy and pain, it is like physical poetry."

Erika Hast
Director, Wwriter

"Working with Mari was always exciting.

She´s a bold, daring actor, willing to take risks and explore. With plenty of emotional availability, and flexibility when taking notes, she is an asset to any production."

Dominic Kelly

Meisner Technique coach

"Mari Rouvala is a very experienced and reliable actress, whom I am happy to include in both comedy and drama. Her greatest strengths include the ability to always find a natural and believable basic essence for her character, as well as the ability to automatically adjust her acting according to the genre and the situation.
Mari has been under my direction in one drama, two comedies, one farce and one film. The result of her work has always been first-class, and she has always been cooperative, self-initiative and conscientious."

Antti Viitamäki


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